Wednesday, 9 September 2009

XML and XPATH editor : SketchPath

Free and open source not open source:

Update Nov 2012:

On the original page now states:

SketchPath as a product has evolved into 2 very different products that include SketchPath's powerful XPath features, but also bring new features to the mix:


Windows XML editor with integrated XPath 1.0 editor


Simple, yet powerful web-based XPath 2.0 editor - with built-in diagnostics tools

The first one is free, the second online. A very good tool.


Phil fearon said...

Thanks for the mention of SketchPath.

Small Correction: SketchPath's free, as in there's no cost to purchase, but its actually not open source.

cslogger said...

Hi Phil, thanks for the correction. Obviously I am not a very active blogger, with 3 years delay to answer, by hey :)